There have been reports about in the law. has been around for almost a year. During this period, it did not bother anyone. Even Glovo didn’t mind bots. Until the couriers and Glovo workers strike. So that the media did not get interested in Glovo scams against employees, Glovo paid for publishing a fake article about bots.

The evidence published by the press is also untrue. Bots do not break any security features, they are not pirated applications. These are applications made for Android. They are a helpful tool to fight against lawlessness in the Glovo corporation. These are Glovo overlays for couriers. Not even 1% of Glovo’s source code was used when writing the application. It was enough to use the functions generally available for Android, including color recognition, clicking, marking X and Y. No need to change Android.

Detection of bot use is it possible by Glovo? If we are intrusive, change the bot settings to dangerous and choose to check every second, then we will be detected. Because then the bot’s actions do not look human. Otherwise there is no way to detect.

What is the actual operation of the bot? You run the bot and set selected time intervals. Then you launch the original Glovo application and do your job. You can see navigation on the screen. And the Glovo app continues under navigation. Then the bot switches the application to the schedule, checks the available hours (through the colors) and when the time you need becomes available – selects it. There is nothing illegal in the bot.

A case conducted by the prosecutor’s office. In fact, the case is against Glovo. The problem is with unpaid taxes by Glovo, unpaid salaries for couriers, Glovo frauds towards couriers, unfounded blocking of courier accounts, unlawful surveillance of courier phones (photos, videos, files stored on the courier’s phone). Glovo said it reported the bot to the prosecutor’s office. The bot was created after all these problems with Glovo. Nothing to do with them. Except for one thing. Glovo cheated and robbed couriers, which is why the couriers created a bot.

The operation of bots is completely safe if we use them carefully.

The article available at is a regular scam written by Glovo as a sponsored article.

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